Guitar Repair Specializing in Vintage Restoration

Your home for the finest guitar repair and restoration.  With years of experience and the most critical eye for detail comes a guarantee for satisfaction.

Repair work is not being accepted at this time.  Please email me to schedule future repair work.

I specialize in fret replacement, neck resets, Gibson Les Paul conversions, Vintage correct Fender finishes, complete restoration, route repair, and refinish work.  I also offer general maintenance and routine repair work.  Please feel free to call or e-mail with an questions or projects.


8 Responses to Guitar Repair Specializing in Vintage Restoration

  1. Phil sparks says:

    What is your rate for a re-fret, it’s on a 1974 Strat Maple neck

    • To refret without refinishing is $450 . To refret and refinish $500 to refinish. This is assuming that these are the original frets and finish. If it’s already been done then it may end up being less.

  2. Neal Cloud Jr. says:

    recently inherited what i believe is a 1950’s Harmony True Tone Archtop guitar from my grandmother…. the neck pulling away from the body… what would an estimate be to fix the neck to where i could ocassionally play it?

  3. Frederick says:

    Would like a 1970 Fender Precision Bass (body only) refinished in as close to original 3TS as possible. The body is currently natural with thin clear lacquer on top (old refin). Approximate cost and turn around time?

    • Hey Fredrick! Fender body Regina start at $650 including light aging. Mettalics and sunburst +$50. Right now I am around 8-12 weeks turn around for straight forward refins.

  4. Jose Yanez says:

    I have a fender 1 that needs re strung how much for re string with all the parts?

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