Custom Aging

Here at CF Restorations we offer the most accurate and authentic aging of guitar parts and finishes. 


There are a lot of people out there ready and willing to beat up your beloved guitar for you and call it reliced.  Here we offer proprietary again techniques that will not only give your guitar the classic look you are looking for, but also give your guitar the disirred vintage tone your after!

Here we don’t draw in checking with a razor or fake any kind of aging of finish or hardware.  The checking that we produce is real cracking of the finish that is just like that of a guitar that is 50 years old!  Our checking looks real because it is real!

Why would you want the finish aged on your guitar?  There are a lot of tonal reason why.  The first is very simple, and that is the finish that we apply is less than 25% the thickness you would get from a new Gibson or Fender guitar.  With less finish on the guitar you allow the guitar to vibrate and produce over tones.  Second is the type of finish. No polyester, No epoxy, no poly.  Plain and simple.  Only oil based grain fillers, and nitrocellulose lacquer.  This finish is not nearly as hard a finish as a poly finish would be and it allows your guitar to vibrate.  It is however more brittle which is why it reacts the way it does over time.  I have stripped many “thin skin” guitars to find upwards of .040″ + of polyester and lacquer on the instrument!  If your guitar is covered in plastic it will react like a dead piece of plastic.

Our goal here is not to beat up your guitar.  Our goal is to replicate a finish that is now 50 years old and speed up the process so that your guitar will produce to it’s highest potential.

One Reply to “Custom Aging”

  1. Hi guys i have a fender stratocaster from 1964 pre cbs L series and would like to paint its body with the original candy apple red fender used at that time also give it a vintage look or else wud look like a new guitar body attached to a vintage neck what would be the around average costs for this ? Thanx 4 ur help so far, cheers

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