1964 Gibson Thunderbird Bass Restoration

Here is an abused Gibson Thunderbird bass that is finally back to its original glory!  Improved even!  Follow the process to see what we did!

This bass came in having a poor natural refinish, a headstock that had been thinned out, and original pelham blue in the cavities!  The customer also wanted to make some improvements to the playability of his bass.  the factory location of the bridge was too far back which made the intonation constantly flat.  By removing the threaded inserts from the body and taking the proper measurements I could see that the bridge was nearly 1/4 ” too far back!  After filling the holes with old Honduran mahogany and lining up the grains the new holes were drilled.  New frets were installed, and the thickness of the headstock was made up with a custom veneer made in my shop.

Once all of that work was completed it was ready to prep for paint!

What a classic look!

Now this bass not only looks the part it also plays in tune!

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