A Pair of 1965 Gibson ES-335’s for New Frets

CF RestorationsHere’s an amazing example of two near twins but couldn’t be more different.  Both of these guitars came in the same week for new frets.  One with a factory Bigsby and clean as a whistle.  The other must have been in a smokey bar it’s whole life!

CF Restorations
Look at the difference in color of amber!

Both guitars original frets were worn out and un-dressable. So new frets were in order.  The cleaner of the two I was able to intall the frets inside the binding without disturbing the binding nibs.  Usually it is very rare to be able to do this due to that most fret boards need a lot of leveling to prepare for new frets.  This was a lot more work, but it looks completely original and feels original.

CF Restoration
Here's showing the remaining original binding that normally gets covered.

These two guitars were made together, then eventually repaired and restored together! How cool is that!

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