1959 Gibson L5-CT George Gobel Model

Rare Vintage Gibson L5

Guitar of the week!

1959 Gibson L5-CT George Gobel Model

I had the pleasure of working on one of the rarest Gibson guitars recently and wanted to share some of the pictures and history of the guitar with you.  I had a customer call and say he had a 50’s Gibson L5 that he wanted to bring in.  As always I was excited to see another vintage Gibson guitar, but i wasn’t expecting this!

1959 Gibson L5-CT George Gobel Model

These pictures aren’t backwards!  This is a real 1959 Gibson L5-CT with a mounted PAF humbucker that is both blonde and LEFT HANDED!  These guitars were only made from 1958 to 1962, and only 44 were made.  From our research only 3 were made with factory mounted PAF pickups.  The majority of them were finished in a cherry finish, only a few in Gibson’s natural blonde.

1959 Gibson L5-CT George Gobel ModelMy customer had owned this guitar since the late 60’s and only had it looked at once.  Unfortunately for him the previous shop did some strange things to his beloved beauty.  When I looked inside to authenticate his PAF pickup I saw that there was added length of wire to the pickup.  About 4 feet!  Luckily there was enough original wire to restore the original wiring to be complete.  After completing the wiring repair and giving this guitar a good setup he was able to leave happy with his great playing (and not to mention great looking) L5.

I was told when he originally purchased the guitar there wasn’t even a sign of checking.  Remembering the exact moment the finish crazed he told us he had been out on a gig and left his guitar in the car during the winter over night.  The next day he realized it was still outside and went out to retrieve it.  When he got inside he opened up the case and watched the finish crack and split right in front of him!  It happened so fast that he said the audible cracking sound made the guitar sing a bit!

1959 Gibson L5-CT George Gobel Model

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